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Michael Bruzdzinski

Michael Bruzdzinski began his training with firearms while trapping muskrats in the marshes of Eastern Baltimore County. He has been a historical re-enactor in both private and National Park Service units, gaining experience with a variety of black powder firearms and several artillery pieces. Michael has had the rare experience of firing a casemate cannon at Fort Delaware as well as several Civil War era field artillery cannons.

Michael's interests in modern firearms are centered on target shooting activities. His decision to become an NRA certified instructor came from his frustration in finding a good instructor when he bought his first modern handgun in 2000. Because of his experiences with the members of Monumental Rifle and Pistol Club his interest in firearms now includes rifles and shotguns.

Michael believes that everyone should be trained in how to safely handle a firearm. His approach to training is based upon knowledge, skills, and attitude. The most important of these is attitude: a good positive attitude is the basis to knowledge of gun safety and handling and that with active practice, the skills of marksmanship can be obtained.

Michael keeps current on training techniques and classes. He is also a certified SIG SAUER pistol series armorer. He is active in taking NRA classes to enhance his skills and to gain new perspectives on firearms training.

Michael works full time as a database administrator/analyst. He has IBM and Microsoft certifications in the IT field. He has also taught computer science and management information courses at several local Maryland colleges.


NRA Training Counselor

NRA Instructor Certified Basic Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun

NRA Instructor Personal Protection In and Outside the Home

NRA Instructor Refuse To Be A Victim

NRA Instructor Home Fire Arm Safety

Chief Range Safety Officer